Olive oil from Salento

Delicate EVO Oil from Salento

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a one of the ancient foods we know: this section of SfizioSalentino.it offers you the best selection of Extra Vergin Olive Oils produced in Salento from typical “cultivar”, such as Cellina di Nardò Olive and Ogliarola Salentina Olive.

The harvest takes place between the months of October and January. Once this occasion gathered families and friends all around the olive trees: using long poles, the branches were gently shaken, today mechanical devices are used to the purpose. The production of extra virgin olive oil has always been characterized by speed: olives are delivered to the mill for their processing within 48 hours of harvesting and processed at low temperature, the so-called “cold pressing”, within 6 hours of harvest, which never exceeds 27 degrees.

In the section of SfizioSalentino.it you will find a wide range of products, which will be able to best enhance the seasoning of your dishes! From organic extra virgin olive oil to flavored evo oils, you just have only to decide the best format suits you. In our proposals you’ll find also packs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Salento in exclusive ampoules of hand-painted ceramic: valuable products to give as gifts on the occasion of important events!

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Amnesia Flavored Oil

Habanero and scorpion peppers 100 ml tin

Vino e Olio Cantine Paololeo
Delicate EVO Oil

Delicate EVO Oil 25 cl

7,90 5,90
Delicate EVO Oil

Delicate EVO Oil 50 cl

Vino e Olio Cantine Paololeo 2
Delicate EVO Oil

Delicate EVO Oil 5 lt

Don Antonio delicate EVO Oil

EVO Olive Oil tin 100 ml

Orange Flavored Oil

Orange 100 ml tin

5,90 4,40
Prodotto Biologico
Organic EVO Olive Oil

In ceramic Prickly pear cruet 100 ml

-25% -25%
Organic EVO Olive Oil

In a ceramic Trullo cruet 100 ml

18,00 13,50
White Truffle Flavored Oil

White Truffle 100 ml tin



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