Wine Products

Wine Products

Crazy for wine! Yes, we are! In this section of you’ll find a selection of wine products, i.e. foods made by adding this ingredient, which we love so much. Tradition and curiosity have led us to create this new line of products, where the fil rouge is given by the addition of negroamaro or primitivo wine, depending on the case, in the preparations.

Wine, as we know, gives its special touch, given by flavor, scent and color. Wine lovers and those who love to experiment will find here wine products, such as pasta, salami, cheeses, savory treats and red wine desserts. Here is a way to make your best moments tasty and special!

In the wine products, the genuineness of the raw materials is combined with the structured elegance of the wine: from this union here are born unique and typical products at the same time, which, we are sure, will win you over!

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Mandorle pralinate al vino Orfeo - Sfizio Salentino
Almond Pralines with negroamaro wine

Almond pralines with negroamaro wine Orfeo

Aperimando Mandorle al Negroamaro Orfeo - Sfizio Salentino
Almonds made with negroamaro wine

Almonds with negroamaro Orfeo wine

Cupeta a pezzi al vino Orfeo - Sfizio Salentino
Cupeta made with negroamaro wine

Typical Salento Croccante with Negroamaro Orfeo wine

Tagliatelle all'Orfeo - Sfizio Salentino
Caciotta all'Orfeo - Sfizio Salentino
Negroamaro Caciotta

Caciotta enriched by Negroamaro Orfeo wine

Confettura Extra di uva negroamaro Orfeo - Sfizio Salentino
Negroamaro Grape Extra Jam

Jam of Negroamaro Orfeo Grape

Orecchiette al vino Orfeo - Sfizio Salentino
Orecchiette Pasta with negroamaro wine

Homemade orecchiette with negroamaro Orfeo wine

Cupeta di pistacchi a pezzi al vino Orfeo - Sfizio Salentino
Pistachio flavour Cupeta with negroamaro wine

Pistachio Cupeta with negroamaro Orfeo wine

Salami flavoured with negroamaro wine

Salami with negroamaro Orfeo wine

Mardorle Pralinate al Negroamaro Orfeo
Sweet Peanuts with negroamaro wine

Peanuts pralines with negroamaro wine Orfeo



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