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We welcome you to the section of our online shop dedicated to grappa, bitters, gin and rhum. On the one hand you’ll find grappas from native Apulian vines made by Cantine Paololeo, on the other hand our selection of refined and niche spirits, made by small producers of excellence.

World of Spirits is just as fascinating as that of wines. In this section of SfizioSalentino.it here are the barricaded grappas made by Cantine Paololeo. Grappas are distillates of fermented pomace, both red and white grapes. After the distillation of the pomace in the distiller or alembic, we move on to the refinement phase. The word barricade indicates where the distillate is refined, or in oak barrels, the so-called barriques. The refinement in cask, never less than 12 months, allows the distillate a greater oxygenation, which allows the barrique grappa to develop all its olfactory and organoleptic properties. Barricaded grappas express the best of themselves when drunk alone: ​​in fact, they present a rich bouquet of aromas and perfumes that are released in one sip. Paololeo barricaded grappas are distilled from red grapes, with a velvety and pleasantly persistent flavor, with flavors and aromas linked to the Salento area. Take a look at our selection of grappas and spirits online and buy them on SfizioSalentino.it!

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Grappa Fiore di Vigna

Grappa of Primitivo Fiore di Vigna

Grappa Orfeo

Grappa of Negroamaro Orfeo

Grappa Riserva

Grappa of Primitivo di Manduria

Pugliarello 100 ml e 50 ml - Sfizio Salentino
Olive Liqueur

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