Organic Wines

Organic Wines by Cantine Paololeo

Aware of the importance of reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides to protect the landscapes and biodiversity of Salento, as well as the health of consumers, Cantine PaoloLeo offers an entire line of ICEA certified organic wines.

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Agricolo Vino Biologico Cantine Paololeo

Organic Primitivo Salento IGP

A partire da: 8,42
Prodotto Biologico
Ecosistema Cantine Paololeo 1

Organic Chardonnay Salento IGP

A partire da: 8,42
Passitivo Organico Cantine Paololeo 1
Organic Passitivo

Organic Primitivo Puglia IGP

A partire da: 14,03

Organic Negroamaro Rosè Salento IGP

A partire da: 8,08
Terreno Cantine Paololeo 1

Organic Negroamaro Salento IGP

A partire da: 8,42


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