Don Antonio delicate EVO Oil

Don Antonio delicate EVO Oil

EVO Olive Oil tin 100 ml

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Don Antonio Oil is a delicate oil, with a classic golden yellow color. Slightly bitter, but balanced and full, there are hints of almond on the taste: this is why it goes perfectly with raw dishes or dishes that require short cooking, such as fish, shellfish, raw and cooked vegetables and legumes. On, Don Antonio Delicate Oil is available in a 100 ml tin format.

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An extra virgin olive oil with a fresh and delicate taste, where the unique taste and the typical flavor of the heart of Salento come together in a single harmony. Given its peculiarities, it is suitable for the preparation of delicate dishes, because it does not cover the flavor of the dishes and enhances the taste of each single ingredient.




Variety of olives: Cellina di Nardò and Ogliarola Salentina, from trees between 50 and 1,500 years old

Production area: Between the territories of Vernole and Melendugno, very close to the Adriatic coast and located at 35 m. above sea level

Harvesting: Directly from the tree, through the use of shakers with nets

Harvesting period: During veraison, between October and November, when the olives have not yet reached full ripeness

Processing and extraction: Through centrifugal extraction systems, where the olives are pressed at low temperature (“cold”) within 6 hours of harvesting

Storage: In the absence of oxygen, in special steel silos where a natural decantation takes place

Acidity: Between 0.4 ° and 0.6 °

Appearance: Clear and bright

Taste: Delicate, light fruity, slightly bitter and balanced

Bouquet: Herbaceous, with fresh hints of almond and a sweet aftertaste

Color: Bright green with golden yellow reflections


Tasting Notes:

Ideal for raw dishes or short-cooking dishes, fish, shellfish, raw and cooked vegetables and legumes

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