Classic Pasticciotto Kit

Classic Pasticciotto Kit

DIY Pasticciotti at home

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Satisfy your craving!

With the Classic Pasticciotto Kit you can easily make 10 delicious Salento pasticciotti at home!

In the kit you will find not only the ingredients to make pasticciotti with custard, chocolate cream, pistachio cream, but also all the necessary equipment and a video tutorial of the pastry chef, who will guide you hand in hand in this sweet experience!



DIY Classic Pasticciotto at home!

This incredible kit for making pasticciotti is shipped inside isothermal containers, in such a way as to ensure the delivery of a fresh and unaltered product directly to your home. In addition to the classic pasticciotti with custard, you will be able to prepare variants, with the addition of black cherries or chocolate chips according to your taste. In the Classic Pasticciotto kit you will find:

  • Shortcrust pastry for about 10 pasticciotti
  • 1x Spatula
  • 10x Aluminum molds
  • 1x Sac a pochè Custard
  • 1x Sac a pochè Pistachio Cream
  • 1x Sac a pochè Nutella Cream
  • 1x Rolling pin
  • 1x Flour Jar
  • 1x Jar of Sour cherries
  • 1x Jar of Chocolate Drops
  • Cookie molds
  • 1x Brush
  • 1x Empty Egg Jar

With the quantity of shortcrust pastry present in the kit and with the other ingredients available you can make 10 pasticciotti. In the realization, you will not be alone: ​​in the kit you will also find a video tutorial in which you will be guided step by step!


Ingredients of the basic shortcrust pastry: 00 flour, granulated sugar, lard, fresh eggs cat. A, vanilla, orange flavor, ammonium bicarbonate

Custard Filling: Whole UHT Milk, Granulated Sugar, Flour 00, Corn Starch, Egg Yolk, Vanilla Berries

There are no added preservatives, additives and flavor enhancers.

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Weight 3000 g

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