Classic Tarallini with Tritordeum

Classic Tarallini with Tritordeum




Tarallini di Tritordeum are genuine and produced at 0 km from the cereal grown in Puglia milled and processed in the heart of Salento.

Tritordeum grain is the result of the natural cross between a variety of durum wheat and a variety of wild barley Hordeum chilense, it contains many nutrients for health.

Tarallino with Tritordeum are ideal as a snack at any time of day or as a tasty and nutritious aperitif in combination with cold cuts, cheeses, salads or simply with a good glass of wine.
An explosion of taste for true connoisseurs!

300g pack.


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The tarallo or tarallino is a typical Apulian handmade baked product and is in fact included in the list of traditional Italian food products (P.A.T.).

The preparation by hand and slow cooking makes it a high quality artisan product ideal as a snack at any time of day or as a tasty and nutritious aperitif.

Combine the crunchiness of turnip tarallini with the elegance of Paololeo wines, the secret to quickly organize a good aperitif is to choose quality products.


Tritordeum flour type, white wine, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt

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Weight350 g



300 gr

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Il Mulino Calogiuri -
Il Mulino Calogiuri

This is an historic company rooted in the area, it was born as an artisan mill in 1960 thanks to the intuition and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Giuseppe Calogiuri, born in 1928.

Giuseppe, of humble peasant origins, finds himself fighting that little-told war of those who remained in the countryside between old people and children; only the foresight and desire to do will lead him to create what will become a family tradition, a tradition that has reached its third generation with the same identical principles: dedication to work and commercial fairness.

The company deals with the production and sale of flours and organic products, the production of pasta with traditional wheat (Senatore Cappelli), wholemeal and healthy flours (tritordeum), as well as the marketing of cereals and typical products, with an eye for high quality.

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