Pistachio flavour Cupeta with negroamaro wine

Pistachio flavour Cupeta with negroamaro wine

Pistachio Cupeta with negroamaro Orfeo wine



Traditional recipe of cupeta with almonds is now revisited, adding  pistachios and negroamaro wine Orfeo. The result is a crunchy dessert, which offers new scents and aromas to those who taste it. We particularly recommend it at the end of a meal, perhaps accompanied by a good passito. The recipe, which harks back to that tradition, only involves the use of sugar and pistachios as raw material: there are no dyes or preservatives in the product.

Let yourself be conquered by the original taste of Pistachio Cupeta with Negroamaro Orfeo!

Pack of 150 gr.


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Furthermore the classic Almond Cupeta, on SfizioSalentino.it there is the new Pistachio Cupeta! Here is a crunchy dessert, which we are sure will win you over, as it has already done with us!


Pistachio, sugar, vanilla, negramaro Orfeo wine

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