Thyme Honey

Thyme Honey

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Thyme honey of Salento produced by “Alisi” Beekeeping.

Pack of 320 gr.



THYME HONEY is a honey that tastes and smells like flowers. It’s like eating roses.
This honey is delicate but with a long and lingering finish. It’s amber yet clear and it tends to crystallised slowly.

Thanks to the presence of the thyme, this honey has a lot of benefits: it’s a good remedy for the spasms, the cough and the irritation of the mucous membrane due to the hacking cough. It helps to soothe the inflammation of the airways and facilitates the discharge of the mucus.

The thyme honey can be used against flatulences and it’s an excellent vermifuge too.

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Weight320 g
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Alisi Apiculture

ALISI is a beekeeping company based in Manduria (Taranto province) that produces an exceptional honey and other artisan products made from it.

It is essential to know nature to work with bees, and this is a passion that follows the trend of the seasons. It’s important not to rush things, it is the nature that makes the rules. It takes a lot to learn how to work with bees and be able to grow them.

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