Honeydew Honey

Honeydew Honey

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Honeydew honey of Salento produced by “Alisi” Beekeeping.

Pack of 320 gr.



THE HONEYDEW HONEY is the only honey to be produced without the use of nectar (and it’s NOT made with APPLES). It is made with honeydew that is a physiological fluid produced but small insects such as aphids: they eat the sap and what it’s in excess is expelled. The honeydew is similar to the nectar from a chemical and physical point of view.
This honey is dark and rich in antioxidants. For this reason it’s a perfect product to be consumed during summer.

The honeydew honey has a strong taste and smell, it reminds of stewed fruits. It is less sweet than the normal honey and a little bit sour. This type of honey is really appreciated by the one who don’t like the classic honey.
It has a lot of benefits, too. For example it’s an antiseptic and an antibacterial, it’s rich in iron, magnesium and potassium. The athletes can use it instead of supplements like Polase. In addition, the honeydew honey can be a remedy against the weariness.

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Alisi Apiculture

ALISI is a beekeeping company based in Manduria (Taranto province) that produces an exceptional honey and other artisan products made from it.

It is essential to know nature to work with bees, and this is a passion that follows the trend of the seasons. It’s important not to rush things, it is the nature that makes the rules. It takes a lot to learn how to work with bees and be able to grow them.

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