Maccheroni Pasta

Maccheroni Pasta



The “Maccheroni” pasta (or “Minchiareddhi) is the first dish par excellence in Salento.

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The “Maccheroni” pasta (or “Minchiareddhi) is the first dish par excellence in Salento.
If you want to taste the real flavours of Salento, you can try this type of pasta with tomato sauce and some “ricotta schianta” (strong ricotta).
In Salento our grandmothers make the “Maccheroni” pasta by hand. They use a thin metal wire that gives to the pasta an elongated shape with a small hole in the center.


approximatively 12 min.


Durum wheat semolina 50%, durum wheat integral semolina 50% and water.
It contains GLUTEN.

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500 gr

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Manta Pasta Masters

Manta Maestri Pastai is a pasta factory based in Aradeo, Lecce province, in Salento.

The innovation of the ancient tradition of Salento flavors by artisans who have been working pasta since the 90s is the strength of this company which has dealers scattered all over Italy.

Manta products will make you go back over the years ... and taste the pasta made by our grandmothers.

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